DIVICA - Digital Video Capture and Testing


Video time lapse,
High - definition capture, display and distribution systems. Audio System Performance


Time Lapse and Photo Monitoring

  • Sales, Long term Rental & Installation

  • 1080i capture cameras & transfers

  • full network remote control

  • auto-focus and auto-adjustment

  • HTML page & script integration

  • Webcams to webpages

  • Scheduling and motion sensing

HDMI & HD-SDI signal system testing

  • Source & display EDID recording and verification

  • Video system design & Narratives

  • Signage routing and matrix re-clocking

Sound System & Acoustics Measurement

  • Real-Time Modes for Analysis & Optimization

  • Impulse Response & Spectrograph

  • SMAART Room Equalization and Time Delay

Phone:  713.610.0770

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